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Dr. PAUL HAMMER, Consultant to FOUNDER Team

Paul Hammer Graduated from the University of Potsdam with a PhD in Systems Biology and Bioinformatics in 2012. Paul has long-lasting experiences in business development and professional leadership. Further, he has extensive knowhow in life sciences with a strong focus on genomics and informatics as well as an excellent network in the science community. Paul also is the brain behind the business concepts of DNA.world and BIOMES.world.  

His expertise in genomics and computing of big data and pattern recognition acquired during his studies and his PhD time at Max-Planck-Institute for Molecular Genetics GER, Cold Spring Harbor Campus US, Philips Research Campus Eindhoven NL or University of Applied Sciences Wildau GER, gives him the necessary qualifications to discuss on a highly professional level with employees and clients as well as to react dynamicly to technological trends.   

Through his entrepreneurial activities Paul acquired an impressive skill set in the areas of finance, marketing, sales and leadership and thus, cultivatesa large network of business partners. Contact: ph(a)braindocs.ch

Thomas DiggelmaNN, CTO, HEAD OF R&D, CO-FOUNDER 

Thomas Diggelmann  co-founder of ai-one Inc. USA and was leading the R&D department as VP Technology. Thomas is the founder and creator of the core solution behind BrainDocs™ A.I. algorithms. Together with his team he developed a biologically inspired intelligence (BII) algorithm which uses a "semiotic fingerprint” to detect intrinsic semantic patterns in unstructured text. BrainDocs™ A.I. helps to separate between relevant and irrelevant information by autonomous matching and comparison of ideas and concepts based on a combination of supervised and unsupervised learning. In this regime ideas and concepts, whole descriptions or strategies, manuals and definitions, rules and procedures become a semiotic fingerprint profile.

At BrainDocs AG Thomas holds the position of the CTO. Together with the engineering team and product management he has transformed the BII theory into the BrainDocs™ A.I. product and service platform.

Thomas is currently studying Physics at ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology). Contact: td(a)braindocs.ch

Sara S. Wick, CMO & PM, CO-FOUNDER

Sara S. Wick has a Bachelor of Arts in English and Media Studies from University of Zurich. During her Master’s studies, she specialized in Multilingual Text Analysis studying with Prof. Dr. Martin Volk and Dr. Simon Clematide. In her final thesis, she researched the possibilities of automatic article correction in academic texts written in English by non-native speakers, the project was accompanied by Prof. Dr. Marianne Hundt. 

Sara is the product manager for the BrainDocs™ A.I. application and service platform. She is also an application expert for BrainDocs™ A.I., especially, in how to train the software agents, performing the semiotic fingerprints. Sara will make sure that our customers and users will have a quick and easy learning curve to operate BrainDiocs™ A.I. Contact: sw(a)braindocs.ch

A.I. Readiness Consultants 

BrainDocs™ A.I. is the “Core Diamond” in the A.I. process chain. For pre-processing data (i.e. scanning, interfacing, OCR/ICR) as well as for post-processing data (i.e. interfacing post-process systems, visualizations, further feature extractions) we are working with 3rd party software solutions or external business experts and partners. 

Pre- and Post-Data Process Partners 

A key point besides the product is the consulting expertise of BrainDocs AG. The consulting experts will insure  the implementation and change management success for our customers. We call this process: A.I. Readiness. BrainDocs is partnering with external companies or freelance partners. This enables us to react quickly and with the best possible knowledge experts for our custo.mer needs. 

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