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A.I. - More than Chat-Bots and Robots 

Talking with customers and users asking the question: “What comes into your mind saying A.I.?” The answers often are only: Robots/Robotics and Chat-Robots (Siri, Cortana etc.). Sometimes you also get Automobiles/Autonomic Driving as n answer. But then usually the listing stops. A.I. is much more that the few areas above. If it comes to implementation and generating revenue with A.I. the above is not relevant at all!

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A.I.-Readiness - The efficient entry into Artificial Intelligence 

Digital Transformation - Content Analytics - Business Intelligence - We are overwhelmed every day by many buzz words, trends and new approaches, which must be taken into consideration. "Where smoke is, is also a fire," says an old proverb. Yes, all of these trends are important and will have a significant impact on our future business models.

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Project Brain Storming

There is some brainstorming going on about projects in connection with knowledge management and improving the students experience at ETHZ.

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