Implementation of A.I. is Successful, if you check your A.I.-readiness and partner with the right experts


As a strategic partner, Datamatics helps its clients improve their business competitiveness and achieve operational efficiencies. The benefits delivered by Datamatics’ unique solutions include accelerated time-to-market for new products and services, maximized productivity and efficiency in business processes, shorter turn-around times for service delivery and lower total cost of ownership.



Our Vision – In the near future, intelligent expert systems, artificial and cognitive intelligence should constitute a significant part of Switzerland’s IT industry, which is additionally equipped with a “SwissCognitive Hub”, resulting in an unmatched ultimate benchmark.

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INTERCAI Consulting

A successful launch of A.I. needs to be planned right.

Intercai is one of the first Consulting Companies, offering A.I. readiness check-ups and consulting. 

BrainDocs™ and INTERCAI have developed a strong  partnership and knowledge expertise to the advantage for our customers.  


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